1. 452210
  2. 5437681_orig
  3. 4555745_orig
  4. 7884263_orig
  5. 3112780_orig
  6. 6013927_orig
  7. HEB_Kyle2
  8. 5690981_orig
  9. 5320021-2
  10. TI-GC-FL10W-B1
  11. TI-GC-FL70W-B1
  12. 203.-GLM-TISL-100W-2
  13. TI-GH-FL100W-B1
  14. 13.-P16-Tri-color-module-256x128mm-front
  15. 17.-P10-Single-white-DIP-2

Welcome to our Website

About Us
  Our company Green LED MFG. Inc. established a branch warehouse in Houston, TX to distribute the best quality LED modules manufactured in South Korea.  We have over 80% market share in Korea and are namely the number 1 company in the industry.   We have provided the best quality LED modules for the wholesale suppliers worldwide.

As an introductory offer, we would like to present our LED modules at deeply discounted prices. We are very confident that this will be a vary valuable opportunity for your company to save money and to experience our quality products which can even more satisfy your customers.
But wait dont think that we are done there, we carry so much more. We have a vast variety of excelent quality, and bright LED Lights. Such as our dazzling works of colors in our LED Neon Rope, the exeptional illumination of our LED Bars, the radiancy of light in our Flood Lights, Wall Pack, Canopy Lights and High Bays. Along with our superb Display Lighs.


Company History