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1. By attaching non-polar circuits, our regular LED modules can be used without distinguishing – or +. (Save your time without confusion when you make signage.)
2. Our LED modules are consistent in better brightness so that you can use even fewer modules compared to most of other LEDs.  This will be a big saving for your company, at least 25% on replacement cost for inventory.  (Your company will immediately save money by using fewer LEDs.)

3. Our LED Modules come with 90% heat removal by radiant heat circuits which allow the LED modules to maintain consistent brightness and safety (Satisfy your customers even more with the better brightness, less energy consumption, and reliability of our products.)

4. The quality of our LED modules is the top of the line.  It will brighten up your signs by its dazzling colors with the FOGIE Style technology.  The FOGIE Style makes the lights brighter and more sparkling.  (Your customer will  love the beautiful colors.)
  Our company Green LED Mfg., Inc. established a branch warehouse in Houston, TX to distribute the best quality LED modules manufactured in South Korea.  We have over 80% market share in Korea and are namely the number 1 company in the industry.   We have provided the best quality LED modules only for the wholesale suppliers worldwide until now.

However, we now step forward to sell our products directly to the sign companies in the US market, so the sign companies can save their cost of goods and can grow their business with the best quality items.

As an introductory offer, we would like to present our LED modules at deeply discounted prices. We are very confident that this will be a vary valuable opportunity for your company to save money and to experience our quality products which can even more satisfy your customers.

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